1 Quarry Rise, Cheam Road, Cheam
Surrey, SM1 2DW

Fees & Payment Plans

Treatment   Price
New Patient  Examination  (including x-rays)                          £60
Regular Exam                                                                                                       £28
Small X-Ray                                                                                           per x-ray £8
Exam and basic dental scale & polish                                          £49
Hygienist Clean (30 minutes)                                                          £48
Amalgam fillings                                                                      from £45
White Fillings                                                                                           from £60
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor                                                                                        £200
Premolar                                                                                   £280
  Molar                                                                                          £380
Extractions                                                                                         from   £70
Partial Acrylic                                                          from   £280
Full Acrylic Denture                                                             £450
Full Upper & Lower                                                              £800
Cobalt/Chrome Dentures                                  from  £460
Porcelain Bonded to Metal   £380
Cerec  All Porcelain Empress                            £420
Cerec All Porcelain E-Max                                                 £460
Teeth grinding guard                                                                    
Bruxism Bite Guard           £150


Payment Plans

The Quarry Rise membership plans – Rewarding our loyal patients

  • More cost effective than private pay-as-you-go
  • 10% Discount off any routine treatments required
  • Worldwide Dental A&E Cover
  • Reduces the risk of oral disease and the need for treatments
  • Convenient payment by monthly Direct Debit

Our Dental Plans

Quarry Rise Membership Plan £12.25 per month

  • 2 Examinations per annum
  • 2 Hygiene visits per annum
  • Worldwide Dental A&E cover
  • X-rays as clinically required
  • 10% off any required treatment

Quarry Rise Membership Plan PLUS £19.95 per month

  • 2 Examinations per annum
  • 4 Hygiene visits per annum
  • Worldwide Dental A&E cover
  • X-rays as clinically required
  • 10% off any required treatment

How do I join?

Joining is quick and simple by setting up your monthly direct debit payment at reception today. An £8.00 registration fee is also collected with the first months collection.

What is the dental accident and emergency insurance benefit?

Our dental plans are not insurance schemes, but we have included first class insurance cover underwritten by Hiscox, one of the UK’s leading insurers, to pay for the cost of treatment if you damage your teeth as a result of an accident or need a dentist in an emergency outside of normal surgery hours or whilst away from home. The insurance covers you anywhere in the world for:

  • Accidental damage to your teeth as a result of a fall or blow
  • Emergency treatment when away from home or outside normal surgery hours

For full terms and conditions please refer to the Supplementary Dental Accident & Emergency Insurance Policy.


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