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Crowns & Bridges

At Quarry Rise Dental Centre; although we are well known for excellence in cosmetic dentistry, at the heart of what we do is the wide range of general dental procedures used to restore unhealthy or damaged teeth. Whilst fillings are by far the most common of these, sometimes we have to go further to restore a tooth to a fully functional state.

Two of the most common restorative procedures we use are dental crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is often used to restore a tooth that has become badly decayed or has broken beyond the point where a filling would suffice. Sometimes also referred to as a ‘cap’, the crown is attached to the top of a prepared tooth using a strong dental adhesive.

To prepare, any decay is removed and the tooth then shaped ready for the crown. As we can offer CEREC ‘same-day’ crowns, a 3D digital scan is taken and from this, the computerised system will produce your crown from a single ceramic block in the space of around one and a half hours.

Once ready, the crown will be attached to your tooth, providing you with a strong and functional tooth once more.

Dental crowns are also typically used to complete a root canal treatment to provide additional strength and are also the final part of a dental implant procedure.

Dental bridges

Dental Bridge

Where a patient is missing a tooth, or teeth, a dental bridge can be used to fill the gap. Replacement teeth are attached to the bridge which is anchored in placed using crowns attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap.

Once attached, the bridge cannot be removed for cleaning like a partial denture can, and it is therefore important to follow the cleaning instructions that we will provide, in order to ensure that your gums and surrounding teeth stay healthy.

Where the adjacent teeth are not sufficiently healthy to support a bridge, alternatives such as a partial denture or dental implant are available.

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